حصرياا.. الاصدار الاخير من عملاق الترجمة Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r36) /2009/Multilanguage

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حصرياا.. الاصدار الاخير من عملاق الترجمة Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r36) /2009/Multilanguage

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الاصدار الاخير من عملاق الترجمة Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r36)

Babylon 8 is the world's
leading dictionary and language translation software. Babylon offers you
the most intuitive tool for all your translation needs. With Babylon
you can quickly translate emails, *** pages, documents, instant
messages, and more. All you have to do is click on the word or **** that
you want to translate and a small ****** instantly appears with the
desired results from Babylon's extensive database of language
dictionaries, glossaries and conversion tools.

offers its users a wide range of titles from the world's premier
publishing houses including Oxford University Press, Britannica,
Merriam-***ster, Larousse, Vox, Langenscheidt, Pons, and Taishukan. New
version Babylon six offers **** translation in 17 languages in addition
to single word and phrase translations - all in a single click, results
from Wikipedia encyclopedia in nine languages, automatic spelling
feature, and accurate results in a single-click from a wide range of
authoritative sources.

Babylon 8 - an easy and
intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 75 languages. With
Babylon 7, **** translation has never been easier, no more "copy/paste"
or unnecessary browser ******s. Just click on any **** in Word, Excel,
emails, instant messaging, *** pages and other desktop applications. All
you need is a single click away.

Babylon 8 features:
* Single Click activation

* ****
translation - in 17 languages

* Results from the world's
leading publishers

* Encyclopedias including
Wikipedia *******

* Translations in more than 75

* Unit Conversions - Convert currencies,
measurements and time

* Writing Tools for English
Spelling Alternatives

* Technical Requirement

• Single Click Activation
Babylon online dictionary is a simple and
intuitive tool operated by a single click. Just click on any ****
written in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, emails, *** pages, instant messages
or any other desktop application. A small ****** will instantly appear
containing the translation results, as well as any information or
conversion that you require. You can also easily copy/paste to and from
Babylon. Actually, once installed in your computer, Babylon will become a
powerful and innovative reference tool of easy use that will allow you
immediate online access to dictionaries and encyclopedias covering all
topics and themes.

• **** Translation
**** translations in 17 languages, all in
a single click. **** translation has never been easier; no need for
additional browsers or copy/paste. Just click any word in the **** you
want to translate and Babylon will automatically identify the inserted
**** passage and translate it. Despite the fact, that no machine
translation is 100% accurate or delivers results equal to human
translation, this great new feature, based on the most advanced ****
translation technology, helps you understand ****s in languages you are
less familiar with.

Babylon's **** translation is available
in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese
(Simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Polish and

Pro 8.0.0 (r36) Multilanguage

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