Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview 2009 14.0.4006.1110

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Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview 2009 14.0.4006.1110

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]Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview 2009 14.0.4006.1110


قدمت شركائها الرئيسيين قبل التقييم الإصدار الجديد من حزمة البرامج
المكتبية التي وضعها المكتب الفني 2010 معاينة 1. للعمل مريحة مع مكتب
2010 لا تحتاج إلى تغيير في الأجهزة ، لأن متطلبات النظام منذ إصدار أوفيس
2007 لم تتغير. كما هو الحال مع ويندوز 7 ، أدركت أن مايكروسوفت على تحقيق
الفوائد المرجوة من المعدات الموجودة لا يقل أهمية عن دعم التكنولوجيات

معلومات عن الإصدار

السنة : 2009
الإصدار : 14.0.4006.1110
المطور : Mircrosoft
منصة : الكمبيوتر / إنتل
التوافق مع ويندوز فيستا : كاملة

متطلبات النظام :
وحدة المعالجة المركزية :
• الحد الأدنى : 1 غيغاهيرتز
• الموصى بها : 2 غيغاهيرتز
• الحد الأدنى : 512 ميغابايت من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي
• الموصى بها : 1 جيجابايت من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي
اللغة : الانكليزية فقط

Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview (2009 14.0.4006.1110) | 674MB
Microsoft has provided its major partners pre-evaluation version of the
new office software package developed by Office 2010 Technical Preview
1. For comfortable work with Office 2010 you do not need to change the
hardware, since the system requirements since the release of Office
2007 have not changed. As in the case with Windows 7, Microsoft
realized that to realize the benefits of an existing hardware is just
as important as support for new technologies.


Year: 2009
Version: 14.0.4006.1110
Developer: Mircrosoft
Platform: PC / Intel
Compatibility with Vista: complete

System requirements:
• Minimum: 1 GHz
• Recommended: 2 GHz
• Minimum: 512 MB RAM
• Recommended: 1 GB RAM
Language: English only
Microsoft has released Office 2010 Technical Preview version to invited
beta testers who registered for Office 2010 Technical Preview program.
Several builds of Office 2010 such as Office 2010 Technical Preview and
Office 2010 Mondo (Ultimate) Technical Preview have been leaked to

The TP version of Office 2010 requires activation too. For people who
is not accepted or invited into the official Office 2010 Technical
Preview program, but has installed Office 2010, and been persistently
warned that this copy of Microsoft Office is not activated with few
days left to activate, Office 2010 (probably including the final RTM
version when released) has built-in capability for user to rearm and
extend the activation grace period for another additional 30 days for
up to generous 5 (five) times, in a feature similar to Windows Vista
rearm or Windows 7 rearm, allowing up to 180 days of free usage of
Office 2010.

Extras. Information: How to Rearm Microsoft Office 2010 to Extend Activation Grace Period for Another 30 Days

Go to Control Panel -> Administrator Tools -> Services, or type services.msc in Start Search.
Stop the Office Software Protection service.
Open a Command Prompt with elevated privileges.
Run the OSPPRUN.exe with the following command:

Where SystemDrive is normally C: or other drive letter that Windows is installed on.

A new prompt will come out. Enter the following commands which precede with > one by one, each follows by Enter:
> Initialize

> Open

> GetInstalledSkuIds

Above command will return the following result, where the application ID number 0 represents AppID for Office 2010:

0. 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a
1. 26adec89-edf3-4adc-a3fc-c865f1a9f71f

> GetInstalledAppIds 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

Above command will return result similar to below:

0. 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663

> GetLicensingStatus 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

Above command will return the following output, where dwGraceTime is a
DWORD value that holds the grace period before the software will stop
working and require activation:

SkuId = 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a
dwGraceTime = 1D 23:37
dwTotalGraceDays = 30 days
hrReason = 4004F00C
qwExpiration = 2010/10/31

In the same prompt, run the following commands (which basically set
AppID and SkuID for Office 2010 to enable free 30 days usage before
activation), each follows by Enter, to rearm Microsoft Office 2010 to
reset, prolong and extend activation grace period for additional 30
> Rearm 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a 1

Note: Mostly the IDs are the same for similar Office 2010 installation.
If your APP ID and/or SKU ID is different, please change accordingly.

> Close

> Initialize

> Open

Note: “Close” command is import to stop the Office Software Protection
service (which can also be stopped via Service.msc interface) after
rearming and before reinitialize of license data (The activation
countdown timer or license requires a service reinitialization or
restart to update), or else “Unlicensed” license status with timer at 0
error may occur.

To verify that the Office 2010 rearm is successful, and to check how
many days left in activation grace period before activation is
required, use the following command, follows by Enter (replace IDs if
> GetLicensingStatus 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

SkuId = 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a
dwGraceTime = 29D 23:37
dwTotalGraceDays = 30 days
hrReason = 4004F00C
qwExpiration = 2010/10/31

dwGraceTime will show the remaining time available to use Office 2010 for free without activation.

Quit the OSPPRUN prompt with following command, follows by Enter:
> Quit

Tip 1: To check how many rearms that is remaining, use the following command:

> GetApplicationInformation 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 RemainingRearmCount

(DWORD, []) 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 = 4

after one rearm of office 2010, 4 rearms is still possible, to extend
the free (evaluation or trial) free usage of office 2010 to 180 days (6
months or half a year), taking into account the initial 30 days
activation free period before first ream is performed.

tip 2: to check and show how many rearms of office 2010 have been performed, use the following command:

> getapplicationinformation 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 rearmcount

(dword, []) 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 = 1

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