CyberLink PowerCinema v6.0.3316 Multilingual

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CyberLink PowerCinema v6.0.3316 Multilingual

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CyberLink PowerCinema
v6.0.3316 Multilingual

CyberLink PowerCinema

برنامج مشاهدة التلفزيون والقنوات الفضائيه عبر الكمبيوتر شاهد اوربت وشاهد شوتايم وشاهد إيه ار تي وغيرها
شاهد التلفزيون بضغطه زر واحده مع برنامج
Cyberlink PowerCinema متوافق مع اليواس بي USB and PCITV tuner cards, يمكنك عن طريقة التسجيل من التلفزيون إلى الكمبيوتر بشكل رائع وجودة عالية جداً يمكنك تخزين الاغاني والافلام والفيديو والصور والDVDs يدعم الكروت DVB-T and DVB-S لتشغيل التلفزيون والاذاعات على الكمبيوتر مباشرة
البرنامج هو برنامج تلفزيون فعلي بإمكانيات غير متوقعه وغير معقوله شاهد
التلفزيون من الكمبيوتر مجاناً شاهد كاس العالم, شاهد الدوري الانجليزي,
شاهد الدوري الإيطالي,والكثير الكثير من الاخبار والكرتون والمسلسلات
والافلام والترفيه وغيرها الكثير من الاشياء المميزة

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CyberLink PowerCinema 6 is an all-in-one digital media center,
delivering a complete entertainment solution for the digital home.
Compatible with USB and PCI TV tuner cards, PowerCinema lets you watch
and record high-definition digital TV on your PC. A redesigned
interface makes it convenient to quickly access your favorite media,
including music, videos, photos, and DVDs. PowerCinema is also perfect
for portable TV and digital entertainment, transforming a notebook into
an on-the-go media center. PowerCinema 6 gives you total control over
your home entertainment. Schedule, record and watch your favorite
television programs anytime you want in high-definition without missing
a single episode. Watch your DVDs in crystal-clear images with
PowerCinema 6 cutting edge DVD player technology and immerse yourself
in crisp surround sounds the whole family can enjoy.

TV and DVD

* Watch TV programs in high-definition via MPEG-4 AVC Decoder
* Easily locate your favorite programs with Star Ratings
* Schedule your PC to record shows via EPG
* Play movie DVDs with Dolby Digital audio
* Watch any movie in widescreen display mode

Videos and Photos

* Easily browse and preview your videos and photos with Smart Thumbnails
* Remove photo red-eyes, auto fix contrast and brightness
* Conviently edit multiple photos all at once
* Display photos as a slideshow with background music and transition effects
* Play your videos in high-definition and other widely supported formats

Radio and Music

* Listen to live radio with Time-Shifting technology
* Create your own personalized playlist
* Play multiple selection of tracks
* Locate your favorite music instantly using Quick Music Search
* Enjoy digital radio for DVB-T and DVB-S

Bundled Tuner Cards

CyberLink PowerCinema 6 comes bundled with a choice of TV tuner card:

* Yuan PD521 - Analog, ATSC and ClearQAM TV solution
* Yuan PD770 - DVB-T and Analog solution
* Yuan FUNTV Tuner900 - Analog solution

143 Mb
ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

CyberLink PowerCinema v6.0.3316 Multilingual + Keys

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